I recognize the logo, but what does Peak of the Market Ltd. do?

Peak of the Market Ltd. is a company driven by staff and Growers who produce and market vegetables to retailers throughout western Canada and across the United States.

What does Peak of the Market Ltd. do to ensure their products are safe?

Our number one priority is food safety.

At Peak of the Market Ltd., our producers strive to provide the best Manitoba-grown vegetables for consumers in Canada and the United States. We are committed to providing top quality vegetables that are handled and packed exceeding internationally accepted food safety principles.

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The potatoes I bought a while ago are starting to sprout, are they still safe to eat?

Yes! Although your potatoes have started to sprout little green or yellow stems, they are still safe (and delicious) to eat.  As long as they haven’t gone really mushy or squishy, potatoes can be washed, removed of the sprouts, cooked and consumed.

What is the difference between a table and a seed potato?

Tables potatoes are the potatoes you purchase in the store to cook and eat.  A seed potato is what a Grower would plant in order to grow the potatoes you eat.  Seed potatoes sprout quickly, are very strong and yield lots of table potatoes.


How do I become a Grower?

Peak of the Market is always looking for like-minded, responsible and sustainable Growers interested in partnering to provide the highest quality produce to nourish bodies and minds. Grower stories are all different but they have one thing in common: to consistently deliver healthy, delicious, high-quality produce.

Are Peak of the Market Ltd. products genetically modified?

No. We do not use an GMO practices or products to grow vegetables.

Are there many potatoes grown in Manitoba?

In 2021, 2,418,000,000 pounds* of potatoes were grown right here in Manitoba.  That’s almost 20% of the nation’s potatoes are grown here in the keystone province.

Do you donate any unused produce throughout the year?

Yes, over 1.5 million pounds of produce is donated to various organizations, food banks and service groups throughout the year.