To us at Peak of the Market Ltd., sustainability means having a positive impact on people, the environment, and our community.  We endeavor to do this through the products we provide; and through our presence in the produce industry and our community.

The pillars of our approach to sustainability include:

  • We are committed to providing Canadians with access to an assortment of safe, high quality, nutritious vegetables that support a healthy diet and food security.
  • We are “Rooted in Growers”. This fundamental value recognizes the importance of Growers as food producers. Their economic viability now, and in the future, is a key element of sustainability. 
  • At Peak of the Market Ltd. “Everyone Matters”. The health and wellness of our employees are a priority, and we are committed to fostering a healthy work culture.
  • We continually look for new ways or processes to reduce the amount of waste generated in our business. We do this by:
    • Using recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials and staying on top of innovation happening in this area.
    • Finding efficiencies in our everyday activities to reduce the use of consumables like paper and plastics; and recycle used items.
    • Implementing inventory management and other quality control practices that ultimately reduces food waste and impact at the landfill.
  • We work closely with Growers through research and industry involvement to support environmentally sustainable production practices at the farm.
  • We are an active part of our community and giving back is important to us.
  • We are committed to feeding vulnerable communities in Canada through off-grade food donations.
  • We are committed to being active in Community projects and initiatives through staff involvement. Not only does this benefit our community, but it contributes to our healthy work culture.