Grant Hackman

Grant Hackman
Grant Hackman

Manager, Training & Quality Assurance
(204) 594-1424

Delight in the Details

By Jennifer McFee

There is delight in the details for “food safety guru” Grant Hackman.

For the past 16 years, Hackman has been Peak of the Market’s manager of training and quality assurance. Through this role, he has worked with other groups to develop a farm food safety program which continues to improve every year.

“I enjoy it because I get a large variety in my workday. I get to spend time visiting growers, so I’m on the road a fair bit and it’s quite nice,” he says. “I get to meet a lot of different people and interact with the growers and their families. I also do training often with the growers’ employees on food safety.”

His position provides a unique perspective of the many facets involved in the operation.

“You get a real birds-eye view of where there are issues and where things are going great. A lot of attitudes and procedures have changed in regard to how we look at food safety and handling food. I see that when I work with the growers’ staff and with my Peak co-workers,” says Hackman, who has a commerce degree and has taken additional food science courses. “Everyone has become so much more aware of issues. We’re so much better at communicating in regard to what’s appropriate and not appropriate with handling food.”

Through his work at Peak of the Market, Hackman can even keep tabs on issues that affect other parts of the country.

“I learn so much by working with other people in the industry right across Canada. Everybody’s got a different perspective,” he says. “So I see different issues here than someone who lives in Quebec or Nova Scotia. You get a real feel for what everybody has to deal with across the country in the produce industry.”

Outside of work, Hackman keeps busy with a well-rounded range of hobbies, including bike riding, downhill skiing and music. These days, he enjoys attending concerts and musicals, as well as strumming his own guitar and singing.

And after 16 years with Peak of the Market, he also continues to find enjoyment in his employment.

“I’m proud to work with the team here and I’m proud to say where I work,” he says. “It’s a great group of people and it’s the best job to have.”