Barbara Sobocan

Barbara Sobocan
Barbara Sobocan

Sales Representative
(204) 633-8088

Daily Diversity

By Jennifer McFee

At Peak of the Market Ltd., new adventures crop up every day. And for sales representative Barb Sobocan, this daily diversity keeps the job fresh.

“It’s always different. It’s never the same old grind,” she says. “I like that it changes every day and I also like dealing with the people.”

Since she started working for Peak of the Market Ltd., Sobocan has dedicated her time and energy to building relationships with customers and coworkers alike.

“There are some customers who I’ve dealt with since I started here, so we have a bond and we know each other quite well,” she says. “Peak of the Market is a good company. Everybody knows everybody. We don’t go through staff changes very often, which says a lot.”

Someone once told her that if you wake up in the morning and regret having to go to work, then your workplace is not right for you. Thankfully for Sobocan, she feels glad to go to work each day at the Grower-owned organization.

“We all show up at the same place every day,” she says, “so that says something about the company.”

Before starting at Peak of the Market Ltd., Sobocan honed her skills in produce receiving and produce buying.

“I’ve done the receiving, the buying and now the selling,” she says. “By far, this is the most challenging role — which is a good thing.”

Outside of work, Sobocan travels whenever and wherever possible with her husband, Matthew.

“We go everywhere we can. In the States, we’ve been to Chicago, Pittsburgh and, of course, Grand Forks all the time. We also have gone to Mexico and on European tours and boat cruises,” she says. “We try to travel wherever we can.”