Audrey Farrar

Audrey Farrar
Audrey Farrar

Transportation Manager
(204) 594-1423

Winnipeg’s Farrar is Fuelled by Challenge

By Jennifer McFee

For transportation manager Audrey Farrar, it’s the daily challenges that fuel her passion for her work at Peak of the Market Ltd.

“What keeps me motivated are the day-to-day duties. I love to co-ordinate hiring the trucks and arranging for export inspections when they’re required. I like making sure the product is getting loaded and getting to the destination on time,” she says.

“But I also like when there’s a challenge, like when a truck breaks down. The best part of my job is finding a solution for everything that’s thrown at me. That’s what I enjoy. It gives an interesting twist to my day. We all like to have a little bit of variety in our day, so it’s nice to have those small challenges to resolve.”

Soon Farrar will celebrate her nine-year anniversary with Peak of the Market Ltd., where she manages the movement of produce throughout North America.

“I have to ensure that the export documents are completed and that we comply with any U.S. regulations,” she says. “That’s really important for my job. I’m the other driving force behind the company’s produce. I oversee the U.S. and Eastern Canadian outbound trucks.”

Before coming to Peak of the Market Ltd., Farrar honed her skills in the freight forwarding industry for more than two decades.

“It took years of education to get in to freight forwarding, and I stayed there for 22 years, but I just needed something different,” says Farrar, who has taken courses in professional freight forwarding, logistics and transportation management.

“I wanted something less corporate and more family-oriented, and now I really enjoy what I’m doing. There’s never a dull moment in the transportation industry, that’s for sure.”

Outside the office, Farrar looks forward to spending time with her family and friends.

“Probably my favourite thing is being on the water fishing, enjoying the sunshine and appreciating the sounds of nature all around me,” she says.

“If I can’t get away for the weekend, I like to teach my grandkids how to appreciate the soil and get their hands dirty.”